North Carolina ABC Board Solutions

With 5 Boards in North Carolina as customers, we have the right mix of software, hardware and support services to be your one-stop-shop.

Macro Integration Services is an experienced provider of ABC Board solutions. Macro is partnered with Crimson to provide a complete retail POS suite of functionality to include payments. For a full-functional back-office, Macro has partnered with New Technology Research to implement the industry leading ERP, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Our best of breed partners coupled with Macro’s outstanding support, installation and maintenance service are a winning combination. Branded CLASS for Complete Liquor Application Software & Services, Macro Integration Services is the only provider you will need to have.

Be A Retail Hero

Do you have an upcoming retail technology deployment deadline with limited resources? You need Macro's experienced and flexible team to help you complete a successful multi-site deployment. Avoid the risk of losing money on a poor deployment, and keep your business systems ahead of your competitors.