Structured Cabling

A reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is key to an efficient and functioning information network.

Businesses expect their IT investment to impact the bottom line in a positive way; to increase sales and decrease operational costs. According to Siemens in a recent study, network cable issues are responsible for 21% of all network downtime. And according to the same source, network downtime costs between $1,000 and $50,000 and hour. So, the successful delivery of information within and across your distributed enterprise is an absolute necessity. Macro has successfully delivered structured cabling projects to thousands of retail locations. Our experienced Project Managers work with your team to design and implement a plan that will bring your project in on-time and on budget.

Be A Structured Cabling Hero

Do you have an upcoming retail technology deployment deadline with limited resources? You need Macro's experienced and flexible team to help you complete a successful multi-site deployment. Avoid the risk of losing money on a poor deployment, and keep your business systems ahead of your competitors like these retail heroes.