Retail Deployment

We have partnered with industry leading hardware and software companies and invested in skills for our people that improve our customer’s bottom line. 


From creating better customer experiences for your shoppers, to delivering on an omni-channel value proposition, to protecting customer data, today's retailer needs a coordinated strategy.


From new brick and mortar competitors, to the Amazon effect, to new formats, to delivering on an Omni-channel value proposition, Grocers have a lot to plan for.

Lodging & Hospitality

Whether though digital signage, POS, or customer self-service, we can help. We are a trusted partner because we have the knowledge and experience to deliver results.

Food Service

From systems integration to deployment, to maintenance services, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver results.

All of our customers are looking to create meaningful customer experiences for their clients. Macro is there to help you find the solution based on our experience and knowledge of the industry.

Point of Sale

Selecting, implementing and maintaining a solid platform is key to your success.


From mobile payments, to kiosks, to self-checkout.


Protecting valuable payment card data is not only a requirement with PCI but necessary to keep your name out of the headlines.


The successful retailer is one that is prepared to use mobility to their advantage.

Digital Signage

Retailers must be prepared to present meaningful and fresh information to their consumers at each encounter.

Video Systems

Keep an eye on your enterprise with video solutions from Macro.

Health Safety Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions from acrylic safety guards to temperature measuring devices.

North Carolina ABC Board Solutions

With 5 Boards in North Carolina as customers, we have the right mix of software, hardware and support services to be your one-stop-shop.

Macro Integration has been solving complex problems for retailers for 20 years. We are a trusted advisor to our customers and a knowledgeable advocate for our partners.

Technology Sourcing

Customers buy from people they know. Customers return to people they trust. It's the partnership that makes it work year after year.


Making it consistent and repeatable not only eases the support burden but simplifies the deployment process.

Structured Cabling

A reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is key to an efficient and functioning information network.


From our warehouse to your location, we ensure the equipment arrives on time and ready for installation.

Support and Maintenance

It's like a smooth-running engine. Our maintenance strategy enables you to get the most value from your technology investments.

Keep Ahead Of Your Competitors

You have an upcoming retail technology deployment deadline with limited resources. You need Macro's experienced and flexible team to help you complete a successful multi-site deployment. Avoid the risk of losing money on a poor deployment, and keep your business systems ahead of your competitors.