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Biscuitville Success Story

Since 1966, Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN serves Southern Inspired food the old-fashioned way. Hand-kneaded biscuits are prepared in front of guests every 15 minutes, each and every day. The menu includes famous made-from-scratch biscuits, breakfast platters and sweets. Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN has 54 locations in North Carolina and Virginia. The corporate headquarters is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Biscuitville On-site Maintenance

Biscuitville needed a maintenance provider that could provide on-site support to its stores and meet a strict 4-hour arrival service level agreement (SLA).

Size and Scale

Macro provides dedicated technicians 7 days a week, 9 hours a day to service its 60+ stores. With thousands of pieces of equipment under maintenance, Macro covers the store environment from end to end.

Macro Value Add

We value complete customer satisfaction. Macro manages all parts logistics to support the in-store environment. Over the past 18 months Macro has maintained nearly perfect SLA attainment.

Keep Ahead Of Your Competitors

You need Macro's experienced and flexible team to help you complete a successful multi-site deployment. Avoid the risk of losing money on a poor deployment, and keep your business systems ahead of your competitors.