The world will never be quite the same after COVID-19. Even as people return to work and even enjoy restaurants, culture’s changed. The way we do business has changed.

There are a multitude of blockers preventing you from achieving the revenue you need. However, we’ve developed technological solutions to help you break through them.



We have a wide array of solutions for you to scale the process of taking orders, and servicing customers that cover the following areas:

  • Curbside pickups and deliveries
  • Line busting
  • Food and restaurant safety
  • Frictionless point of sale
  • Inventory management


Don’t be one of the restaurants that are slow to recover from COVID.



Zebra QSR solutions help you with…

  • Keeping food service and customer interactions safe
  • Decreasing wait times
  • Speeding up ordering, pickups, and deliveries


The combination of these benefits from the use of our technology will improve overall customer satisfaction, which means better retention and revenue.

Featured Products

DS9300 Contactless Presentation Imager

Scan paper labels, loyalty cards, or barcodes on mobile phone screens without handling a scanner. It’s easy with the Zebra DS9308, a sleek, contemporary device designed for hands-free presentation scanning and true point-and-shoot scanning simplicity.

DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager

Today’s guests want short lines, speedy transactions, and attentive service. Zebra’s DS9900 Series delivers it all with a scanner built from the ground up for handheld or hands-free use.

TC52/TC57 Touch Computers

Zebra’s TC52/TC57 mobile computers give QSRs a new mobile computing platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing. You get the simplicity of an Android touch-screen computer with all the features needed to maximize productivity and minimize processing times while creating restaurant experiences that keep customers coming back again and again.

ET5X Tablet Computer

The Zebra ET5X tablet provides consumer styling that looks great on the restaurant floor and rugged durability that can stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Choose from an Android or Windows tablet that looks and feels like a personal tablet but delivers enterprise-grade computing power, security, and data capture features.

Dissolvable Food Labels

Label residue on food containers and surfaces creates a dangerous environment where bacteria can thrive, but Zebra’s breakthrough 8000D labels quickly dissolve in water and disperse into small paper fibers to eliminate residue without clogging drains.



After reading our industry brief...
Every restaurant faces its own set of challenges. We’ll reach out to you to talk about what your individual hurdles are and what technological solution we’d recommend that’s right for you.
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