Crimson Cashier ScreenCrimson Transaction Technologies is focused on providing the ultimate secure, industry-leading transaction software solutions for government and various retail industries. Since 1998, Crimson has helped clients achieve dramatic improvements. Macro is excited to offer the Crimson Retail Suite to ABC Liquor controlled states.

Macro provides ABC Boards in alcohol-controlled states a complete technology package. Our solution includes hardware, POS software, payments processing, back-office systems, deployment and telephone support. With many county-run boards under our belt, Macro knows what this market needs to be successful. Our end to end solution makes Macro a preferred partner to many.

The Crimson Value Proposition

Crimson offers a stable application on a reliable, supportable platform. The company's experience with ABCs means that the time for system blueprinting is focused and shortened, leading to a quick implementation. The POS application is designed so that most customers' requirements are met by activating the already existing parameter set. Crimson helps set up and define the core functions to be used and helps support the users. New enhancements become available to all ABCs and includes interfaces and reporting as required by the State.


  • PCI PABP Compliant
  • 100% OPOS Compliant
  • Staff are Homeland Security Clearance Certified

Centralized Operations

  • Control of parameters ensures consistent look and feel of the application
  • Inventory look up and product transfer to and from stores means the customers can get the products they want
  • Centralized real-time data collection for consolidated reporting and data analysis

Configurability / Parameters

  • Intuitive interface to quickly set and change business rules
  • Customizable POS menus can be quickly tailored to meet the needs of the business and operations
  • Greatly reduces the amount of custom programming

Real-Time Access to Results

  • Continuous data trickle from locations will populate reports with the most current data
  • A high degree of data granularity is available to facilitate the reporting of transaction details
  • Inventory quantities are always represented as current allowing for optimal ordering

Reports and Interfaces

  • Department of Revenue reporting, Sales reporting to the State
  • Imports for State Product File, Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs), Delisted Items, and Quarterly Prices

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