Ahold Delhaize

POS Replacement – "Pulse Project"

Macro Integration Services successfully completed a very large job at 1,150 Ahold Delhaize locations. The project included Food Lion, Hannaford and Bottom Dollar stores that spanned the East coast. For each site, Macro removed existing POS equipment and replaced with a new state-of-the-art POS system.

The 16-month project required over 2,300 unique store visits and averaged 50 store visits per week. Macro staged, configured tested and delivered over 15,000 terminals from our Greensboro, NC Integration and Warehousing facility.

The schedule for taking out the old equipment and installing the new was very ambitious. But to deliver the value and utility needed, Macro had to be extremely aggressive to complete work to the customer's satisfaction and meet the established deadlines.

Macro was also responsible for installing training lanes in every store so workers could learn how to operate and better serve customers. Any training lane installation delay meant that employees were not ready to use the new equipment, delaying the new equipment install. To ensure the successful completion, each training lane installation required Macro to visit each location on two separate occasions in advance of the main install.

There were other challenges, like bad weather, holidays and uncontrollable technical issues that can cause a company of any size to lag behind. However, the job was completed at 960 of the 1,160 stores just four months. Amazingly, 60 stores were completely remodeled every week for 16 consecutive weeks.

How Macro Does It

There are very few retail service companies that can successfully complete this type of project while exceeding the customer's expectations. This logistical management and technical expertise is a Macro core competency. Macro extends that knowledge further into implementation with a national network of partner companies. Each of these partners has on staff the professionals in place who are ready to go to work when and where needed. Macro Project Managers oversee it all and provide a centralized vehicle for training and communication. This capability is a competitive advantage we leverage for our customers. While some companies will utilize untrained contract workers, Macro has already done all of that work with the fully-vetted resources in place and ready for deployment.

This is no small network. Macro has the capacity, ability and experience to manage and implement these large-scale projects for a sustained period of time. This ability translates into benefits for Macro customers, like it did for Ahold Delhaize. What is not hard to recognize is that Delhaize has been a valued Macro customer for over 15 years because we are consistently able to deliver this high level of service for a project of any size.

In January 2016 Delhaize America and Ahold merged to form one of the largest grocery companies in the world. The combined Ahold Delhaize is a world-leading food retailer with 6,500 stores worldwide and 370,000 people, serving 50 million satisfied customers a week. Macro is proud to partner with a recognized leader in the food retailing industry.

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