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Tommy Gardner

Tommy Gardner
VP of Operations and Principal

Tommy Gardner is approaching his 30th year in this industry.

While the names and ownership have changed several times over his career, Tommy has only worked for this company since college.  Such an achievement is indicative of the results Tommy produces and the respect he has gained from those with whom he has worked.

Tommy attended East Carolina University before transferring to ECPI where he received his Associates Degree.  He began working with Century Data Systems right out of school as a field technician in 1982.  Given his drive, hard work, and quality
results, he was promoted to Food Lion project manager in 1986 in order to ensure excellent support of the largest CDS customer.  In 1990 he was promoted to service manager and later account manager.

When Systech acquired CDS in 1998, Tommy became the director of installation services.  He left Systech along with Bart Collins in order to join Wayne Williams in the formation of Macro Integration Services.  Like the others, Tommy is a founding partner of Macro and continues as the Vice President of Operations for Macro and a minority partner in the business.