North Carolina ABC Store Solutions

Solutions for the North Carolina ABC Boards

Macro has developed a robust and proven product for the North Carolina ABC Boards.  We offer a complete enterprise proven POS solution for single store Boards or large multi-store Boards.

Macro has partnered with Crimson Transaction Technologies and Advanced Business Systems to offer an advanced modern software solution with significant benefits for the North Carolina Boards such as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP with Advanced Business Systems Support
  • Integrated Debit/Credit with the most secure credit processing on the market
  • Touch screen capability on multiple hardware platforms (NCR, HP, Toshiba, Wincor Nixdorf, NEC, etc.)
  • REAL TIME data flow for up to the second reporting
  • SQL database file storage for infinite reporting capablity with no date restrictions
  • Advanced security measures
  • Store to store inventory lookups right at the POS
  • Advanced mixed beverage sales capability
  • Software as a community (as modifications are added by other customers, you get these changes for free)
  • Centralized data management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Much, much more!

Macro is committed to delivering the highest quality software solutions on time and on budget. This software suite is constantly being enhanced and redeveloped to incorporate the latest technological innovations and changes that may come from the State of North Carolina. 

Central system management including

  • Automated software updates, multi-version support
  • Remotely manage system parameters, configurations & files
  • System alerts identifying issues and exceptions
  • Supporting user defined self–service applications sharing common files for inventory, and customers (Mixed Beverage)

Transaction management including

  • Customer purchase management w/ history tracking
  • Customizable receipts, screen displays, screen flow, menus, tender types, and much more.
  • Drivers license data confirmation/capture

We Guarantee Results

Our software is a bundled, single price, integrated solution with no 3rd party applications. 

Exceptional Value

We offer an exceptional value, fully bundled solution including Integrated Debit/Credit software, Inventory Management, Disaster Recover/Replication and more.

One Price Proposals

We offer one price proposals, simplified support and faster problem resolution. This allows you, the customer, to properly budget your deliverables and costing.

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