NCR SelfServ™ 85 Slimline Kiosk

It’s time to stand out from the crowd ...

Providing your customers with all the services they need while they are shopping can be a challenge. That's where we can help. NCR's SelfServ 85 slimline kiosk is a stylish, interactive touchpoint that lets you engage customers, deliver information and promotions, and enable transactions.

NCR SelfServ™ 85 Slimline Kiosk
NCR SelfServ™ 85 Slimline Kiosk

A seamless fit

NCR has designed the SelfServ 85 to help you engage your customers. It's slim, has a small footprint and can run software from a number of different channels, so you can create a seamless brand experience no matter how your customers choose to connect with you. The SelfServ 85 will delight your customers with its multi-touch touchscreen, integrated peripherals and intuitiveness. And your customers will appreciate that the SelfServ 85 is located right where they need it most—thanks to its slim profile, which makes it possible to be deployed in virtually any location.

Make it profitable

Driving revenues is important, and you can use the SelfServ 85 to take advantage of revenue-generating opportunities. 

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Jerry Zeephat, product manager, NCR Travel, demonstrates the NCR Netkey Endless Aisle solution on the SelfServ 85 kiosk. NCR Netkey Endless Aisle integrates into retailers' back-end ecommerce systems allowing customers to browse product information, check inventory, compare products and purchase items to be delivered to them in-store, at the gate or even at their final destination.