ELO TouchSystems

Tyco Electronics’ Elo TouchSystems, the inventor of touch technology, manufactures a complete line of touch solutions that simplify the interface between people and computers.

Their solutions are designed for the demanding requirements of diverse markets and applications across the globe.  Macro is proud to be an ELO Elite Partner and offer the ELO line of products.

ELO TouchSystems

Leader in innovation and quality

ELO invented touch technology almost 40 years ago and have been a pioneer ever since. Today, all monitors are designed for touch and come in a wide variety of configurations and forms. Elo monitors are state-of-the-art, with high-quality displays, stable, drift-free operation, consistent reliability and durability. And ELO pays attention to the tiniest details, so their customers consistently receive the best in engineering too.

Leader in touch technology

ELO has such a wide range of touch technologies they suit virtually any application. For decades, Elo products have been successfully installed in applications such as cash registers, kiosks, vending machines, process automation or control, medical applications like pharmacies, hospitals and doctor’s offices, ATM machines, web phones, and so on. The list is endless...

  • Almost 40 years experience in the touch industry
  • Broadest offering of touch technologies for virtually any application
  • Consistently reliable, accurate, and durable products
  • Stable, drift-free operation; scratch-resistant
  • Recognized durability and performance
  • Wide variety of configurations and form factors for design flexibility
  • First-class service and support with worldwide sales people, sales partners, technical support and warehouses
  • Custom solutions for special requirements
  • Long, worldwide warranties
  • Worldwide agency approvals

ELO Touch Computers

Elo offers an elegant integration of a touchmonitor with a computer all in the space of an LCD.

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